Intercultural relations against the pandemic. Familia laguna program starts.

This month, despite the pandemic, the Laguna Family program has managed to unite families of different origins and celebrate the opening meetings for the 2020-21 academic year.

The meetings have been held at the Maria Reina School, Aitor Ikastola, Intxaurrondo Ikastola, Amara Berri Eskola, Jakintza Ikastola, Zuhaizti Eskola from Donostia, Orokieta Herri Eskola and Antoniano Ikastetxea from Zarautz and in the municipalities of Andoain and Ordizia.

A total of 140 people have attended the celebrations. New families have participated in this course and those who have already been participating in the program for a year, as well as directors of the different schools and representatives of the municipalities where the Ongi Etorri eskolara project is carried out.

These meeting forums have allowed the families participating in the program to get to know each other and share their experience and expectations.

We want to thank the people who have been able to attend the meetings, the families who participate in the program and the educational centers and municipalities where the project is underway for making it possible. Mila esker for helping to promote coexistence, to create models of relationship between cultures. Although in these circumstances, the physical meeting spaces will be less, we will continue to open those intercultural meeting spaces in our minds.